Beware of Bloody Chapter and its Causes

Have you ever found blood when you pooped? This might scare you. Not wrong if you are worried, because bowel movements or bloody stools can indicate a serious problem, although it is not always. There are many causes of bloody bowel movements, the severity can vary. Starting from minor or common bleeding, to heavy and life-threatening bleeding. Sometimes a bloody chapter is also accompanied by black stool, a condition that indicates that the source of bleeding comes from the upper gastrointestinal tract. This Causes Bloody Chapter Blood in the stool can be a sign of bleeding in your digestive tract. The amount can be small, but sometimes it can also be a lot. Here are some of the causes of bloody bowel movements, including: Hemorrhoids Chapter bleed is generally caused by hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are conditions in which blood vessels located around the anus swell. In general, there are two types of hemorrhoids, namely external and internal hemorrhoids. Straining is too stro
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